Who Are The Endurables?

The Endurables are a locally-owned training organization that focusses on trail running in the San Francisco Bay Area. We were the first to offer trail focussed program and developed training that incorporates endurance and strength work to build solid athletes.  We continue to refine Ultra training techniques through our extended network of athletes, coaches, ancillary service providers.

Training is usually associated with a goal race and the group targets that event to build up to.

Founder Jim Vernon began The Endurables in 2007 to share his enthusiasm for the Marin Trails to first time ultra runners that has now developed into the premier training organizations in the Bay Area

The Endurables mission is to create community through shared adventures in the outside world while training for various challenges in a a supportive environment.

How much running experience do I need to participate in a program?

That depends on the program! The Endurables offer a range of training, set up for a wide range of ability levels. General guidelines include:

  • Trail 101: Participants must be able to run or run/walk at least 40 minutes.
  • Trail 201: Participants must be currently comfortable with a six mile long run.
  • Ultra Training: Participants must be currently comfortable with a six mile long run.
  • Endurables Membership: Participants should be comfortable with a eight mile long run.

Do I have to race to join a program?

Most of programs are ‘event based’ – training and preparing you for a specific event, such as The North Face’s Endurance Challenge and Inside Trail Races throughout the bay area.  Through a partnership with Inside Trail, we integrate races into the training cycle to better prepare participants for their goal event.  This partnership provides our participants with a 20% race registration discount and guaranteed entry.    However, racing is not required.  We realize participants may have other goals or simply want to train or explore the bay area trails with us.

Where do training groups meet?

Midweek training occurs in central urban locations while weekend runs are held on trails throughout Marin and East Bay trails.  Meeting points vary from week to week to show a variety of trails and excite participants with new terrain.

Common Trailheads include, Rodeo Beach, Tennessee Valley, Muir Beach, East Peak of Mt Tamalpais.  Midweek points in SF include Strawberry Hill and the Polo Fields within Golden Gate Park and Kezar Stadium.

How often do groups meet for training?

Most Endurable training programs meet twice a week for group run workouts – Tuesday or Wednesday for the quality workout, and Saturday morning for the long run. The duration of workouts is dependent on program and will frequently increase as program progresses. Midweek training will last from 50 to 90 minutes while weekend runs range from 1.5 to over 4 hours.

Membership options will allow participants to join each training session (RSVP Required and Space limited).

What equipment do I need for a training program?

Equipment depends largely on the program and season. For running programs, participants will need, at a minimum, running shoes, socks, shorts and a tech tee. Trail shoes are not required to start, but recommended once needs are established.  Additionally, lightweight hydration carriers, handheld or packs, are highly recommended.

Who will be coaching me?

Endurable programs are conducted by experienced coaches with extensive trail running experience.  We also strive for coaches who value building a community and addressing individual needs. Everyone is different even in a group training.

Upcoming programs will be lead by Larissa Polischuk, in San Francisco, and Caitlin Smith in the East Bay.

Do I need to attend every workout? Do training groups meet when it’s raining?

Attendance is encouraged at every workout, but not mandatory. Remember that consistency is key to any training program! We do ask that you communicate with your coach when you are unable to attend workouts.  Also, some of the best running and bonding happens in the rain…it can be difficult to motivate, but chances are you’ll never regret it.

Workouts take place in all weather, with the exception of lightening or extremely hazardous conditions (ie storms of the century). Your coach will make the decision to continue or cancel on the day of a workout, though conditions are rarely severe enough in the bay area to warrant a cancellation.

What happens if I get injured?

While we do all we can to properly educate and prepare our runners to train injury-free, they do happen. Between the knowledge of our coaches and an extensive network of trusted sports practitioners, most injuries resolved relatively quickly – this of course requires the athlete to communicate with their coach about any issues as soon as they arise! In the event that an athlete cannot complete a training program due to prolonged injury, we will credit their next program accordingly.

Will I get lost?

We do our best to keep the trail groups as close together as possible by designing short “out and back” sections for advanced runners, while the coaches or assistants keep a watchful eye on participants.  People have gone off course, but generally easily find their way back to the main route using our detailed maps provided for each run.  Additionally, we will mark important intersections to keep the group on course.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please feel free to give us a call at 415-336-9738 or through our contact page.