devon and nathan

We are a San Francisco based training group that focuses on running in the 800+ miles of trails in Marin and the East Bay.

Our members win races, come in last place, and are “middle of the packers”  that inspire each other to be the best they can be

We are focused on endurance training that integrates fundamental strength and aerobic work to develop a strong supportive community of athletes of all abilities.

We believe that exposing participants to a wilderness training environment is a key motivator and tied to our success.  We explore new territory every week to excite our members to upcoming training sessions.

We believe endurance is about pushing yourself beyond what you thought possible, staying staying healthy, and, if done right, having fun.


Our full training programs bundle complimentary disciplines to develop a balanced athlete. We don’t treat supplemental training as secondary.

Our training incorporates several disciplines to create a truly balanced runner. We designed this training to make sure our athletes get an intensive experience and not overlook areas of weakness that can lead to injury.

Our programs blend strength training, speed work, and yoga to develop overall fitness.